Favorites (link buttons) on start page/new page window

Please add the feature to allow users to add their favorite website links to the start page and/or new page window (like the Opera full android mobile browser).

This feature is extremely useful because as soon as users open the Brave mobile browser, all of their favorite/most used links are their as a button that has the websites’ logo displayed.

Currently the way the new page functions is not adequate because it only shows the top 8 most visited, and those are always changing depending on what sites the user visits most recently.

Most users would like to have the ability to customize this screen with their favorites so that they can:

  1. remember sites that they need or want to visit
  2. have quick access to it by simply clicking it instead of having to first go to the menu, then bookmarks, then look for the link, and
    3)customize the actual link address, such as to the direct sign-in sub link page.

Obviously the link buttons would need to automatically show the animated icon/logo of the saved website, and/or it could also give the option to allow the user to insert whatever picture they want for that link button.

The page should allow a lot more than 8 slots, perhaps 50.

Again, an example of how this should work is the Opera full android mobile browser.

i guess you are asking for a feature that exist anyway or i have bad english (that i interpreted your question wrong)you can change your icons from frequently visited sites to favourite sites . just click on the customise buttuon and the click on top sites and then on favourites

Sorry, but, The Android BRAVE doesn’t have that feature…

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Hi, yes, we need that feature on Android phones too. Brave team said 1 year ago that this feature is coming soon. But still we are missing this basic feature which is already available on Brave desktop.