Favorite or recent sites add to homepage

Hey would like to know if I can add favorites or shortcut sites while having Brave Search as the homepage. like below.

Can I make this

look like this

Brave Version v1.66.118

Windows 10

brave://settings/appearance: Go here and enable top sites

That would then only allow you to have your favorite to the top left of the screen and not under the search bar as how Google has it.

Will you get the search bar when you open the browser everytime

yes, I set it up to come up that way but I would like to know if I can add favorite like how Google has it.

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@Saoiray Please help him

@Sumanths1312 not sure there’s any help to be had. We’ll ignore how they showed screenshots of different things and just focus on their desire. I think all they are saying is they want the NTP to have both a search widget and their favorites.

But even when we speak about search engine to be added on NTP, this still wouldn’t be satisfactory for @azaugust as they seem to be complaining about placement as well.

On Nightly, they have actually added Search to NTP, though locations is dumb. Like screenshot below:

Notice the Brave Search bar toward the bottom? Just above the first little Brave News thing that irritatingly shows up on the very bottom? This is where they are placing it and there doesn’t seem to be any way of moving it.

They don’t really allow us to move anything on NTP as they are making sure there’s plenty of open space for any NTP ads (sponsored images) they want to show.

But main idea is we are getting the functionality, but not the cosmetic appearance as people like @azaugust have wanted.

And in terms of customization, I’m not sure if @Mattches can provide any insight as to whether it’s anything ever being considered. I know people have long requested being able to change where various things appear on their Dashboard and/or to increase the amount of favorites.

That said, I’m wanting to be fairly confident that we’re not really going to see any changes to that due to what I mentioned earlier, them trying to make sure things aren’t being blocked so that there’s plenty of open space for the ads to be shown there.

This is correct as far as I know. But as far s OPs question, the Brave Search bar will be featured on the NTP soon, which will allow you to search and also display top sites on the NTP as well.

Yeah, but as I showed in screenshot from what is available on Nightly right now, right? It’s not going to show up big like it does on Brave Search and all?

If they make it bigger and more on top, I think people would be happy. But if it’s the small one on the bottom, not quite sure is what’s been getting requested.

I think that the size of the search bar has no bearing on it’s functionality and for anyone who wants to be able to search from the NTP and also view top sites, this will suffice.

I will let the team know about the feedback but as you said I think that we’re going to want the NTP to remain as “open” as possible with respect to visual space.

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