Favorite icon in the toolbar like Edge

A favorites icon in the toolbar, i.e. like Edge would be a big plus for users who don’t care for the bookmarks bar and prefer a clean browser window.

Brave bookmark management is currently too “Chrome-like” and requires an extra click. A “favorites” icon on the toolbar requires only 1 click to see a simple drop-down or fly-out menu with all of the user’s favorites and folders. This is a no-brainer to me.

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Agreed! Nice feature on Chromium Edge.


Hello Brave Support! Has there been any movement on this simple feature request? :thinking:


I absolutely agree. This is one of the things I use frequently.

My favorite implementation of this is with Firefox currently. The new Chromium Edge browser did something very similar as well.


Chromium Edge:

I understand that Brave just finally fixed their “Other Bookmarks” button on the right. But I would like to be able to hide the bookmarks bar altogether and just have a bookmarks button on the right side of the navigation bar next to the menu icon.

Would really love to see this addition to Brave.


Any updates on this?

Hi im new to brave, when i click bookmark this tab, nothing happens…how i bookmark with brave ?

First, make sure that bookmark bar is visible

Three dots -> Bookmarks -> Show the bookmark bar

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I had the same problem until I activated some bookmark related flags. I’m using Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with Cinnamon desktop.