Favicons missing from bookmarks


i tend to use favorite icons on the bookmark bar brave just seems to have the names


Hi ozjamez,

You can set it from Preferences > General > Bookmark Bar. :slight_smile:


A useful new feature would be to substitute a missing favicon with something other than a blank. Not all sites have favicons or bungled the icon. e.g. https://perpdms.arb.ca.gov/userHome.arb

And/Or allow the user to pick an icon to be used.


The issue has been addressed and will be fixed with the next version.

If you’ll see the same blank favicon, please try unbookmark and rebookmark the page.


Should default preview tab on mouse-over setting be off not, on?

It would be great if “Text and Favicons” was the default option just like in Chrome. That makes the most sense since most users will be coming from Chrome. We would avoid a lot of unnecessary issues being opened just because people are unaware of the preference.

May be unrelated but I would also love to see the ability for blank bookmarks to be imported exactly as they are. Many chrome users (like myself) enjoy using a combination of both blank w/ favicons and text w/ favicons in their bookmarks toolbar.