Favicons do not show (or load)


I’m trying out Brave to on my Windows 10 machine to hopefully replace Chrome. However, I always have my bookmarks toolbar only showing favicons (as a developer my bookmarks bar would be too full otherwise). In Brave almost none of the favicons show in the toolbar (yes, whether I select icons only or text + icons). This seems to be a recurring issue, and makes Brave at the moment unusable for me unfortunately.


Could you tell which version of Brave is running? mind taking a screenshot of the browser window? Also could you check it bookmarks toolbar is enabled? Could have got disabled by mistake



See attached screenshot. And yes, the bookmarks toolbar is enabled.

I’m running

Brave 0.22.669on a Dell XPS13 Win10 machine.

[image: image.png]


Does clicking the bookmarks and loading the page add the favicons?


It’s happened to me before.
Even updating the page, the favicon does not load.
If opening the URL favicon appears, the solution is to delete the existing favorite and create another.


Was the bookmarks imported and then moved to the toolbar or was directly added on the toolbar?


Imported and moved. But for one of them the actual favicon showed (outlook).


This issue has been captured here


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