Favicon Problem-2

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I’m updated to 1.9.2( today. However, I can’t feel the change to Favorite. Has the fix been applied yet?

This is a problem, but the blank(white) favicon is not a big problem. It is bothersome with just the point of appearance, but I can be ignored. The problem is that I update every time I open my favorite. Icons are randomly read and displayed. The display order is random and never the same display order. And if favicon display process is not complete, I can’t proceed to the site. This random step-by-step display makes the user feel a sense of slowness.
This is the same as the bookmark menu. The site that becomes blank(white) favicon has been decided.

It does not seem to happen that the screen is blank and Favorite is not displayed, which occurred in the previous version.


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Version 1.9.2 has a high crash rate.

I updated to 1.9.3 today. Version 1.9.2 was clearly crashed, but 1.9.3 was not.
It seems to have improved. Thanks.

But unfortunately there was no change in the favorites display. Blank favicon and random display are continuing. The blank favicon site remains blank favicon even after re-registering. What is the difference between the blank favicon condition and the first character of the site name?

If batch display like before is not possible, please change to a method in which the favicon is displayed regularly in order from upper left to lower right.

*In the bookmark, instead of the blank favicon, a favicon like Saturn is displayed.

I would not like “random display” and would not be able to return to the previous state? This changed at the same time as the version equipped with the sync function. But even if I disable the sync feature, there is no change in my favorite behavior.

Not sure I fully understood the OP’s question, but I have a similar issue with Brave.

When the bookmarks sync, the favicons don’t. It’s not a problem (except for the bookmarks without a title which I identify by its favicon), but it is a big nuisance.

Furthermore, many bookmarks seem to sync out of order for some reason. I suspect it may later auto-correct but it gets confusing. And if multiple bookmark folders without a name are contigous, Brave seems to sometimes combine them into a same folder. Since I’m working over multiple devices in various states of configuration, and sync seems far from instantaneous, it’s hard to definitely nail down the issue. But at the least the favicon issue is kinda bugging me.

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