Favicon images not pulling automatically, occasionally not saving, sometimes self-deleting/rearranging


Howdy y’all.

Brave 0.19.53
rev e09025b
Muon 4.4.29
libchromiumcontent 61.0.3163.100
V8 6.1.534.41
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel Release
OS Platform Microsoft Windows
OS Release 10.0.10586
OS Architecture x64

I am new to Brave, and I appreciate the effort everyone has put into it. I’m trying to de-google-ify my life. As I’m sure many here have done this, or are in the process of doing it, it’s a nightmare and extremely frustrating. Google has created quite the ecosystem of privacy-destroying apps and services.

I imported my data from Chrome. It created a bookmark dropdown list. I’m in the process of pulling those bookmarks to the bookmark bar one by one. I have it set to favicons only (no text) as that’s how I had it in Chrome anyway.

I pull the bookmark over, click it to open the page and wait to see if Brave will extract the favicon automatically. If it doesn’t, I delete the bookmark and drag a new one down from the address bar. Most the time this results in a favicon being generated. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Along this process, I have noticed that after a few occasionally one will delete itself–just disappear entirely and I’ll have to go re-create it. I have also noticed that sometimes the favicons disappear and the default bookmark icon is there again. And sometimes the favicons rearrange themselves randomly, but just the last 5 or so. All of the above happened at once with my last 5 icons–they lost their favicon image, rearranged themselves, and one of them just completely disappeared. That’s what prompted this post.

Any idea what’s going on and if there’s something I need to do to affect it?

Thanks in advance,
Daniel - Giftig

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