Fastly CDN processing of user data

The page at says,

“This combined information — the answer and the version information — is finally sent to Brave’s content delivery network (CDN), operated by Fastly. When an answer reaches the edge of the Fastly CDN, it’s stripped of the IP address and precise timing information. This system is designed so that we, Brave, are unable to associate any particular response with any other, so we do not have sufficient information to link together any particular user’s “answers”. Instead, each response is an independent data point.”

The wording “reaches the edge of” isn’t clear, at least not for a non-programmer. What data does Fastly actually receive, how it is processed, and do they store it? In other words, while Brave may not be handling this data in a way that harms user privacy, is the CDN? This should be clarified. Also, Fastly isn’t discussed in the official privacy policy at at all.