Fastest browser not the fastest yet?


I’ve noticed lately that Brave Browser can’t handle two sites smoothly, Facebook and YouTube. It performs very smooth on other browser than this. I have noticed too that launching Brave is much slower than Edge and Chrome despite that we all know that the two browsers are RAM eaters. All in all, this is a great browser to use because I feel secure when I am surfing the web. I am hoping for the developer to fix this issue. Thanks.


Hi @Gab
I’m sorry for very late response.

Brave is in the migration process to the new architecture. And the new Brave fix many issues from the previous Brave (muon) which is on 0.25.x. Automatic upgrade for the current 0.25.x users is coming in weeks.

I suggest you to upgrade your Brave to the latest new version (0.56.x). You can install it manually from – run it in parallel and then import your browser data from the old Brave. And see if it get better .

Please note that this new version may have missing features. Many things still being worked on.



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