Faster Startup Times?


As Sideshow would say, Yeeough, Brave developers and somewhat/absolutely/slightly frustrated Brave users.Brave likes to talk about its faster browsing speeds, but what about startup times? I understand Brave is looking to beat Chrome, but if two people on identical PCs with identical connections were to start up Chrome/Brave and try to load a webpage, Chrome would win, because while it starts almost instantly, Brave takes forever to start up. And unless I either never shut down my PC or close Brave, or use Brave for disgustingly long sessions, the chances of the time saved loading webpages breaking even with the time lost starting Brave up are almost zero. Speed up your boots, and you’ll have a browser that’s definitely going to beat Chrome in the long run.


Brave, The Browser Itself Won't Open

I agree at all.


Yes it is really frustrating, there is some small performance fixes in the next update but they might speed it up very minor :grimacing: There have been startup time fixes but yes it needs to be fixed :hugs:


There is an issue for it here:

I voted it up +1 from community for you :wink:


I have a curiosity, Jacalz: what do you mean with: ‘I voted it up +1 from community for you’?
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Oh, I post a comment saying that there was someone from the community that wanted it so I say that in the post :wink: That means that the devs see that people are wanting this exact issue to be solved :wink:


Thank you for the explanation. You can do this because you are a moderator?


Nope, it is just a comment and the devs can then look which issues has the most comments :wink:


Closing the thread. Issue can be tracked on GitHub.

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