FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

A Note about Brave Ads

Before we jump into troubleshooting issues, it seems that there may be a slight misconception about the goals and the way in which the Brave Ads feature is designed. This misconception generally takes the form of:

"When I opt in to Brave Ads, my browser will show me ads whenever I use it."

This is not entirely true. In reality, this statement should be:

"When I opt in to Brave Ads, my browser will try to show me ads which are relevant to me."

The difference in wording may seem small, but there is a substantial difference conceptually. The goal is to show you privacy respecting ads that are relevant to the user in the right context (a “match” is found) – not to make sure that all users “see some ads”. Enabling Ads does not guarantee that you’re going to see ads – if the system does not find a match for you in the ads catalog, then you will not see any (more information on this below).

Further, you may see ads appearing regularly today, but tomorrow you may not see any – and that’s perfectly fine. In this situation, it really is a feature, not a bug. We appreciate everyone’s understanding of this distinction and implore you to keep this in mind before assuming that the feature simply “isn’t working”.

That said, we also recognize and acknowledge that some users are are encountering certain bugs or issues preventing them from otherwise seeing Brave Ads as intended. Please check the following common causes for this and ensure that you are set up correctly.

Why am I not seeing Ads?

Ensure both Brave Rewards and Ads are enabled

You can enable Brave Rewards by navigating to brave://Rewards in your browser.
Here on the Rewards Settings page, you will see the option to enable Ads – please be sure this option is toggled correctly.

I set Ads to display X ads per hour - why am I not receiving X ads per hour?

Please note that this setting is a ceiling rather than a floor.

That is; it does not dictate how many ads you will see per hour – it dictates the maximum number of ads you may see per hour. This number will always fall between 0 and X, inclusive.

Make sure Brave Ads are currently supported in your region

Check and confirm that Brave Ads is currently available in your region. You can see the full list of supported regions on our website.

Adjust OS notification settings

Check your Operating System notification settings and ensure that they’re not inadvertently blocking Brave from serving ads:

  • Windows 10 – Please refer to our comprehensive Community guide for configuring Windows Focus Assist.
  • macOS – Ensure that Do Not Disturb mode is either off or configured to the correct times. Using OSX’s “mirror display” mode when using a multi-monitor setup may result in Do Not Disturb being activated on its own.
You may have hit the daily cap

There is a maximum number of ads that can be viewed per-day. If ads stop “suddenly”, this is likely the culprit.

You may have exhausted current ads catalog/Match not found

As stated in the note above,
The algorithm that matches users with Ads is designed to find and showrelevant Ads, not just “any ad”. Therefore, you may encounter a situation where (assuming other factors are configured appropriately),

  • You’ve been receiving ads as expected and they seem to have suddenly stopped – you may have been served all relevant ads in the catalog (according to the algorithm). Don’t worry – ads will resume when the catalog is updated and additional/different ads are made available
  • You’ve enabled Ads but have never seen any appear – given that the system uses your (local) profile data to match you with a relevant ad, there may not be any ads relevant to you with respect to your profile data. Don’t panic! Continue to browse normally and let the algorithm work.
"Why does my browser say Brave Ads "Coming soon"?

Please ensure that you’re using the latest release of the browser. You can manually check for updates by going to Menu --> About Brave

I'm in a supported region, but Brave says "Ads are not available" in my area.

This is a known issue that the Rewards team is currently addressing. You can track this issue’s progress on our Github. We apologize for any inconvenience and should have this issue resolved shortly.

Do I have to disable the ad-blocker or Brave Shields to receive Ads?

No, you do not need to turn off Shields; Brave Ads are initially displayed as system notifications on your machine, rather than “traditional” advertisements that are placed on a webpage.

Additional resources for Ads

Help Center – Ads FAQ
Help Center – How to enable and use Brave Ads
Windows 10 Focus Assist troubleshooting
Official launch announcement (Brave blog)
Start your own Ad campaign on Brave Ads

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No recibo BAT ni en pc ni en movil android (España)
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No recibo BAT ni en pc ni en movil android (España)
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Hola que tal saludos de uruguay
Not accumulating BAT anymore
(v1.18.70 Changes) Brave ads received reduce drastically to 5 ads per day
Installed Brave, no ads, no BAT
Brave rewards not depositing to wallet almost one 2 weeks now
(v1.18.70 Changes) Brave ads received reduce drastically to 5 ads per day
Not getting bat rewards from my android device
Magic david ahli silap mata
Anuncios Brave Comunidad
WAITING for your reply @STEEVEN
2 Profiles same wallet?
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Not Receiving Push Ads. Sponsored images not giving BAT
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My brave has been running for more than 3 days but cannot exceed 41 ads
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My december Payout is not showing
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No rewards payout since September. wallet is verified
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Brave rewards not increasing despite viewing ads
See ads but there are not in my catalogue
Possible Reason for not receiving an ads for BAT
No any ads today?
Delayed Payments for several months
Payout are on hold for almost 3 months Now
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Still have not received any payments since 9th of January !HELPPPPPPPP
Explain BAT process
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Help! Brave updated and transformed my 415 BAT to 225
Brave ads not working, what do i do?
The windows 7 32-bit operating system is upgraded to the windows 7 64 bit operating system. How to back up bat token of local wallet in brave browser?
I did not receive an April payment
I done updating the brave browser but still my account no more ads. my pending reward still zero, please give it back
Brave and Uphold verification issue
My BAT is stuck in on my phone
BAT earned amount keeps changing daily & not showing up. ZERO BAT in my wallet
I am not getting my rewards from youtube channel
How often ad pays?
Brave rewards payouts are temporarily disabled on this device ....WHY?
BAT earnings has stopped
Hi Brave nightly don't send my bat's
Brave rewards payouts are temporarily disabled on this device ....WHY?
No ads when using full screen on Mac
Not receiving any ads for the past one month
BAT, no BAT in 6 months
Very low Basic Attention Token Reward In Italy
I lost the BAT that I had accumulated
My secret phrase is not working
Brave has stopped showing me any adverts
No ad in 1 month
Estimated pending rewards has not transferred to my wallet in months
Brave rewards not available in my region but it's supported
Help with Disconnected Uphold Wallet
BAT Payout much lower than Estimated Payout amount
I would like my BAT BACK THANKS - I did not authorise it to be taken -
Claim button did not show up on April 6
Bat payout not beeing recieved
Sorry! Ads are not yet available in your region. Argentina message
Not receiving bat tokens in mobile browser
Seeing ads but not getting BAT
Brave n'apparait pas dans le centre de notification windows
Haven't received payment since december 2020
Not getting paiement since 2020-10-17 creator
Future wallet options
Incorrect Payment
Problem With Tokens iOS Transfer
I am unable to get ads?
My BATs balance suddenly becomes come to 0
Recently reset Brave Rewards but no longer seeing ads
Brave rewards sync to uphold but no rewards
Brawe rewards got reset
Brave YouTube tip didn't go to upload
Help, 0 rewards since installation
My BAT pending concern is not yet solve!
Ads are not Appearing in windows PC and sponsor images are not paying
I'm using Brave since april, in smartphone and desktop, but desktop shows no ads and no rewards
No ads at a specific time interval
Chrome Extension auto-install for Brave
Not received bat in 2 months on my 3 wallets
Why I didn't received my payments
My brave ads are broken
Windows 10 Ads not showing
I'm changing my smartphone and I'll factory format
No ads are displayed since installation
Brave Rewards/ios
Sudden stoppage (one month ago) no ads, no payout from May
I'm not gettings ads since may
Wallet not Sync
I Give Up Ad Rewards
I have to dissable the adblock to use BAT?
No brave ads at all in almost 4 months
Estimated rewards pending reduced
Estimated rewards pending reduced in my account
How to start Rewards
No Rhyme or Reason to ad distribution!
My 107 bat vanished from the browser
Please help....I sent the answer to "steeven" to me I no got a reply
Not able to earn reward even after viewing ads
Brave reward not claim
Brave being inconsistent with ads
Bat rewards almost non-existent for 5 ads per hour
Give us back "new tab ads" for every profil!
Newslike Does your device pass t
Why i am not getting / receiving any ads from brave?
Brave Reward for June
I don't receive all my BAT
Haven't received bat payout it 10 jun now
Verified Uphold Wallet
Brave Rewards Issues continue
Lost half of my bat tokens randomly
Have not received any ads yet
2 months of rewards unable to claim
Brave Rewards Not Working (82cn4)
I have brave rewards activated but there is no as recommend to me even after a couple months
R1 issue no ads no payout since more than 1 month
Not Getting any add from last two week
Three weeks no ads
Can't see any ad so far
Using since January, but 0 BAT
Brave ads not showing up on pc/laptop
Ads not showing up for ~10-15 days & rewards per ad dropped A LOT
Have not received October or November BAT
Not earning BAT since using browser for 2 months (mobile + desktop)
Brave Browser is ridiculous to the point it really resemble a scam
Not getting any wallpaper ads
Been Been waiting over 2 years for access to my Brave tokens on my Desktop CPU. I have about 200 tokens stuck since July of 2019. My wallet is verified it just will not transfer my earned tokens over to my upload account
Not receiving ads.. only sponsored images
Brave nighty uphold verify account login error
Brave reward ads question?
Not receiving pop-up or Brave news ads, however new tab ads are appearing
June reward not receive
Chà, tôi đã xác minh được chiếc ví dũng cảm của mình hơn 1 năm trước. Bây giờ
I did not receive my October BATS
Can't turn brave ads on
Unable to reverify brave verify uphold account
No ads displayed, no rewards collected for months
Brave wallet id changed
Not get as many ads by far
Your request is still being processed, please wait. Sorry there was a problem processing your request
I can not see my BAT coins in my verified wallet
Estimated pending rewards disappeared again. Haven't got September rewards too
I did not receive my bats
Brave Rewards Payment, haven’t received my BAT on 08-11-2021
Havent been getting ads? Is there a fix?
Brave ads showing but not getting bat token
Brave ads showing but not getting bat token on laptop
I still cant get anyone to help with my reward from last year. I semt support my internals and everything to gettingnno answer why i can get my 28 bat off it
Clean reinstall of Brave on Android 11 can't create wallet
No Ads and no October BAT
Completely brave ads not showing and background ads not count
Brave rewards freez and ads not showing
Did not receive brave reward for October month
I don’t know how to get my rewards, there is no claim button already 2month.
No more ads showing on my laptop
I didn't receive payment for previous month
Brave Hasn't Worked for Months :'(
Uphold verified, not getting ads and no rewards for almost 2 months
Brave Reward - Getting none since May
Can't verify uphold using nightly on Android
Brave spoonser images not showing on new tab
New tab sponsor image ads not showing
Background images ads not showing
Pop-up ads not showing
Lost all my BAT when being verified on Gemini
Brave pop-up ads not showing and bat rewards not count
Brave Rewards Progress Stopped at 0.475
Rewards Missing and Reset To Zero For New Month
No more ads and verification error
I didn't received bat amount
Error Linking Custodian Wallet (Gemini)
Didn't receive this months BAT tokens
VERFIED uphold wallet since April 2021 did not receive Jan (aka December) reward
Did not received December month payout
Brave reward disappeared on android app
Scam Alert! Is Brave reward a scam?
Brave rewards in android not showing in uphold wallet but balance shown in brave browser
No payout for December and no ads being served since Jan 12th
No ads and no rewards since September
NO response from brave team after 3 days
Help I didn’t get the December BAT for it all
Status is Back to Payment Processed for Uphold, Bur I still did recieve My Bat from last most,
December payment not received
Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals ) Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version ) A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards
User Solutions: Brave Release 1.41.x
I'm still not receive my December 2021 earning , please help me?
Please help i didn't receive my December 2021 earning
Still didnt get payments since oct
Cannot turn on browser notifications to see ads for rewards
I am no longer seeing any Brave ads and therefore not receiving any BAT
I'm using uphold with brave rewards I have unknowingly linked the account to multiple devices and now I'm unable to link my new devices to the brave rewards program through uphold So I request you to reset the devices for me to add the current devices tha
Withdraw Problem
Nothing happens when I lick Brave Rewards icon and Verify Wallet. Macbook MacOS Monterey
Claimed Reward for Feb 2022 Payout not Reflecting in Brave Wallet
Get no bat for watching add and Receive a very few add per day
Aparentemente las politicas de uphold a cambiado
Not received bat of last month i.e January
Brave will not reauthorize with Uphold
I did not receive the payment of my BATS
No rewards since changing PC
Brave Browser Doesn't Pay hello i'm firat I had batcoin in my account, now it doesn't show
Unable to link mobile
I haven't received a single BAT since November.
¿ que hago si soy novata?
Ios bat transfering error
I'm not getting ad pop-ups any longer
I haven't received my bat about 2.707 january bat earnings
Stopped getting ads and only partisl reward last month and none this month
I haven’t received my bat about 2.707 january bat earnings
Every month i get just 1 BAT out of 4
How are Brave Rewards STILL not fixed with ZERO communication from the Brave team?
Not getting brave rewards even after watching ads
No Rewards for Advertise
I moved from turkey to Canada
Ads are showing but earnings are not increasing since 7th Feb
Brave premium required for payout?
Unlink Wallet from Uphold
Balance vanished after link to Uphold
Problem payments in january and probably february
No rewards for February received
Unable to verify wallet using Gemini
My account got automatically disconnected from uphold. when is tried to reconnect it showed me region not supported. Why?
Unable to Verify uphold. "Your request is still being processed, please wait. Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again."
Visible notification but claim feature not visible
User Solutions: Brave Release 1.42.x
Haven't Received My Rewards
Brave revards claim accessibility
Connecting Gemini to a browser with several earned BATs
Brave Reward March Payout
how can I verify my gemini
My Brave rewards disappeared - Arpil month
Not recieved the march payouts for my unverified as well as verified wallets
I got brave toekn from reward Just 0.250BAT From what should have been 4BAT
Reward didnt arrive ! As always
Not received token in gemini wallet
Brave reards of march not yet credited
March rewards twice have given me the claim error
I got my reward of march 7.25 bat
No limit devices to add to uphold account?
March Rewards lost?
March rewards not recieved
I have not found brave rewards of march month yet?
Pay Bat everybody is waiting
hello i have bat rewards in brave browser recently i connected my uphold to brave browser but its still unverified kindly help me
Uphold wallet not connecting with brave reward
Reward not recevied, unable to claim
Brave beta's brave rewards of march month not yet arrived
March rewards issues
I cannot verify my account in uphold I have enough BATS to verify But uphold won't let me verify
My Brave Browser is not showing any ads And my 36 Bats are missing I am unable to verify in Uphold Wallet. My this month Bats are stuck at 2.971
No ads showing in my brave browser
1000 bats have disappeared
Still Haven’t Received March BAT Rewards to Uphold
March rewards disappeared and not received
I dont get any notifications with ads by brave browser
No Ads Today in Brave I am not seeing any ads Why?
Brave payouts of March Month are still pending
المتصفح لايوجد فيه لغه عربي
Not received Bat from 4 months
Not Receiving Brave Rewards, Never
I have not received any bats since November 2021
Bug attack please read
Reward claiming button dissapeared
Ad reward not receiving after noon regurarly
Need help... I have lost my bat coins after changing my mobile phone
Where we will receive our BAT after uphold discontinued from India
Watch out guys I’m talking about the unhold
Incorrect BAT Token for 1st April - 30th April
RE: BAT rewards not credited to uphold account
Freezed rewards for more than 2 months
I didn't recived my july rewards please help me
My clicks on ads are not still registering
Rewards and never getting paid
How to earn rewards? And how to be a verified user?
Brave marked my BAT as received but i haven't got my BAT in uphold? Ive read the thread about the delays but i think my brave wallet just broke cause my phone bat is being received as its from pc and for pc well its marked successful
Android browser can't be (re)authorized with Uphold wallet
Https://brave.com/transparency) for list of supprted regions)
Ad count inactive for 3 weeks and rewards hasn't reflect in Uphold statement
I Have Not Received brave rewards for march
I don't claim full amount of earning bats Android
Brave rewards not recieved. Second month user
Not received brave rewards .And also my brave rewards are not showing of april month
Estimated Pending rewards disappeared with no claim button
Not claim full amount of bat
UnVerified by Brave Browser
Unable to collect brave rewards it's showing error any help I can get
No claim option for Android
I am not receiving any BAT token for the last 2 months
Want let me verify account
rewards management
I earn 2.7 bat last month and its not added to my uphold balance
UPDATED 2022 : Few Tips for Those Who is Not Receiving ADs
Brave is unable to verifty my uphold account since april 2022
I can't login to gemini since brave awards, it said: Error: Región no admitida
Breav browser not verify my Gemini wallet
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Can't Recieve Brave Rewards
2 months without rewards
I haven’t received my June & July BATs payment into my Brave wallet
I cant use browser to sell on ebay
I haven't received my April rewards and now it's last of the may
I have always been browsing a lot and as of today Aug 26 2022, i cant see any of my estimated earnings. 0.0 BAT NADA. What now?
If you stop receiving brave rewards on android try this
I didn't get my free token grant claim
BAT payout significantly less than estimated earnings
User Solutions: Brave Release 1.39.x
User Solutions: Brave Release 1.43.x
No se puede verifiar perfil de recompensas de brave
Didn't Get My Rewards for July
Brave ads count is not increasing after viewing the Ads
My desktop browser has been unverified for ages
My 4 bat reward not received
I did not receive my rewards, they are from a confirmed gemini wallet
My Brave rewards reduced from 14 to 11 and i did not receive for the month of May 2022. Kindly help and thank you in advance. I have been using the brave browser for on my Macbook
Is anyone on Ubuntu getting brave ads?
Why was auto contribute on without my permission?
User Solutions: Brave Release 1.40.x
Wallet how start one
Rewards problem!
My Wallet was verified but now its not. How to fix this bug?
ERROR in components: Brave Ads Resources (IT)
Unable to login with uphold account
My uphold account is logged out saying, "brave rewards not available in this region (India)". But i have been receiving it from last 4 months
I Haven’t received any brave rewards since April 2022 (brave rewards issue)
Why i don't received my full bats amount
The rewards that never arrived!
Rewards stuck and not increasing or transferring to Uphold anymore
Not able to claim rewards for unverified instance for unlocked device
Reformat android phone and linked again for gemini getting Error: Device Limit Reached how to solve it?
When I try to log in to my uphold account, it shows region not supported, but I am in Canada
Missing 2.7 bat from august
Blocked Country's List
Cant Hi , i cant connect uphold with mobile and pc device coming wrong area problem but im still in Uk so no idea why pls help anybody witgh 1 deciced i cant connect a long time thx a lot
My uphold wallet dont support my region anymore
User Solutions: Brave Release 1.44.x
Will Malaysia be part of the Ad road map soon?
After help verifying, ads showed, BAT earned, now it's stopped
Brave reward ads in philippines
Is Brave ads supported in my country
Can't earn bat tokens
Brave not send me more ads
Deutsch: wie kann ich BAT in BTC umwandeln
BAT Rewards Not Appearing
No ads on Brave browser
About brave update
Today there are no ads in Indonesia
Ads in the Netherlands don't work
No ADS in New Caledonia
Show all pending contributions
Not getting payment
Ads in the Netherlands don't work
Ad earnings went to 0
Brave reward lose
I'm not getting any ads nor rewards
Region issue- from turkey
One week with brave reward and no ad notifications
Notification for ads doesn't appear
Ads Enabled But Not Earning BAT