Fan throttling (w11) for no reason

Hello everyone!
When I use Brave on w11, especially while visiting twitter and youtube, my pc fan throttles.
Now, the issue happens only with brave (edge, chrome etc do not have the same problem).

I tried to clear the cache and it work, but just for a few hours.

I tried to disable hw acceleration, but the load on the cpu increases too much.

I disabled every addon (I only use bitwarden).

It is very strange that, when the fan throttles, I look in the w11 and brave task manager for processes that can use the cpu/graphics, but there isn’t any problem. Only in the w11 task manager I see that the intel graphics has a 20% usage (the nvidia graphic card is on 5-6% usage).

Any suggestions? Thank you

But the question is whether the fan stops throttling? If so, it suggests graphics card/driver issues. This has especially been a thing for some people with NVIDIA. Solutions have ranged to what you see below:

The list goes on. But definitely have been a wide range of issues and solutions so far. As stated, usually nothing to do with Brave but instead to do with drivers or settings. It might be easier to go with the first step of reinstalling/resetting your drivers first to see if it helps.

Thanks for all your suggestions.

In first place, uninstalled and the re-installed the GPU drivers, but nothing changed. I even resetted 3d settings and disabled the extensions.

If it can help: I tried to see a youtube video (1080p) with Edge and Brave.

In the first case, the Intel graphics is 4-8% and the nvidia geforce 1%.

With Brave, intel graphics 40% and above and the nvidia 7%.

What can I do more?

Thank you again!!

Edit: I tried to disable HW acceleration: the load on the intel graphics goes down to 10% more or less, but the load on the cpu goes up to 30-40%

@Mattches will hopefully be able to help. I know just was trying to loop you in on things that I’m able to recognize.

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Can you please tell me what version of the browser you’re using at this time? I’d also like to know if you are using a multi-monitor setup?

Additionally, you stated that this happens on mostly Twitter and Youtube — are there any other sites that cause the fan to kick on?

@Mattches hello!

Brave version: 1.59.117, chomium version 118.0.5993.70.

Said that I hear a slight acceleration of the fan even while browsing and at startup (nothing serious, after a while it slows down). I tried with dailymotion and vimeo to check if it is something related to graphics/rendering, but these sites do not behave like youtube.

Didn’t notice this throttle on other sites.

Hello, just checking if there any news.

An update: I just found out that the problem is related to 1080p resolution on Youtube! I chose 720p and there is a little fun throttle, but nothing dramatic. Can this info help?

@nostromo021 I think the big issue is that this seems to be more device specific. Overall I think have been waiting for more people to report this issue or for us to experience the problem ourselves. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been.

That said, since it’s been nearly two weeks since a reply, let me tag in @Mattches again.

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@Saoiray is correct here — I think this is more of a device specific issue than anything else. As even you say in your initial post, when the fan kicks on like that, looking at the task manager doesn’t show that anything is wrong and from what I can tell, everything is working just fine. It’s just that your fan kicks on strong.

If you’re not seeing any significant spikes in any particular process and everything is still functioning normally (both in the browser and on the system itself) then the only issue here is the sound of the fan kicking on. And the reason it’s happening, apparently, is that you’re watching a high quality video which is more demanding on your GPU, which makes it (and/or another related component) heat up, thus your fan has to work harder to cool it.


Thank you both for your help, it has been precious and appreciated!!

@nostromo021 sorry I don’t have a direct answer on how to help. It is weird that you’re saying this is a Brave only issue so far. And I know you reinstalled GPU drivers and all. I’m not sure if you have Brave’s settings in the NVIDIA Control panel set the same as the rest of the browsers. Then again, it seems like your Intel Graphics card is what’s struggling the most compared to NVIDIA, which also might mean you need to adjust how they are splitting tasks and which is your primary card, so to speak. (I’m an idiot when it comes to two different graphics cards, so don’t take what I’m saying on that literally, but you should get the gist of what I mean) Such as:

Other small things that could potentially help would be to change brave://flags where you could try to enable Vulkan or ANGLE, such as in the screenshot below, and test to see if there’s any difference.

It could also be something with extensions or other settings. I’m not sure if you have anything running and if it stays the same if you did something like a new profile on Brave, with default settings and no extensions.

Big thing is having to kind of go through a bunch of little details with no idea if any of it will work.

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@Saoiray ok, I think we could say that the problem is solved!

I changed the default selection of the graphics for Brave, adjusting it to make it similar to edge, chrome etc. (integrated intel graphics) and… no more throttling! It was a problem related to the configuration of 3d settings.

I did a few tests with brave only and then with edge etc, no more overheating.

What can I say… Thank you very much!!! I am really grateful to you and @Mattches for your help! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


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