Family - 8 laptops but only 1 uphold account

I am quite enjoying Brave and want to introduce it to my entire family. However, for brave rewards (any crypto) for the family is managed by me. Can I link multiple laptops in different locations to a single uphold account? Some Faucets frown on such behaviour and I dont want to jeopardize my rewards


use your BAT for tip creator no need uphold

Since he doesn’t mention whether or not he is a Brave Creator, this is not an appropriate solution.

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hey all… just a reminder… I am looking to receive brave REWARDS from multiple (entire family) laptops (running brave browser) to a single uphold account

Ypu only can link up to 4 browser wallets @najeebaccounts – note this is a lifetime connection, there’s no way to unlink/disconnect it ATM .

why this restriction? I want all my family to use brave on all our devices but by this restriction my family has to open multiple Uphold accounts to receive the rewards.

keep 4 people use brave 4 people use firefox

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