Falsly flagged account

I tried to login to my uphold account and it says that my account is flagged, im still synced on my mobile. How do I get unflagged?

@asdfgasdfg the only thing you can do is submit a Rewards Support Ticket at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431 to see if they can take a closer look. No guarantee they’ll remove the flag from your account.

You may also want to check out PSA: Current Rewards Issues (June 2023) *UPDATED*

Once you create a support ticket, reply here with your ticket number.

202724 is my ticket.

I havnt been doing anything this past month I havnt been doing the past 5 years where I havnt been flagged. Is there a support email? Why is this so unnecessarily complicated? Have to go to a forum, to get linked to some support platform, where they tell me im still in the wrong place. Why cant I just get a support email, we used to have this sorted perfectly sorted out 20 years ago. Something goes wrong, you email support@whatever.com. But for some reason we had to screw that crap up with this nonsense? I have been using the same account for years, now suddenly im flagged for some fraud? What the absolute crap. Why do I even have to use this uphold garbage. Why cant I use a non-costodial wallet? Just send my reward to my private wallet and get a support mail for issues? Why make it so insanely complicated for no reason. This issues have, like I said, been sorted for 20 years now…

It’s kinda for good reason. The team is kinda small compared to other software companies. Around 200 I guess. So having everyone emailing them for some easily fixed issues, they rather have a community forum like this so users can help each other and also if something requires more specialised care, the support team helps too.

Blame governments and financial regulatory rules.

See, if they find that it was a false flag, they will reinstate the account and have your BATs delivered to you. So be patient. Also, if they say it won’t be reinstated, then it’s cause they found quite a lot of proof saying that you indeed were doing it for more BATs or something. We’ll wait and see.

More info at above

My ticket # is 202135, submitted Tuesday, 6/20/23, I have not heard back at this time. I see many others are having similar issues. I receive the flagged message when attempting to reconnect my Gemini account. I’ve been using Brave for a while now and recommend it to friends. I barely used my account in May and received zero rewards, now I’m potentially losing June. This is definitely bad PR, basically you’re guilty until proven innocent mentality. I hope it is resolved soon.

Absolutely, been doing the exact same things for a couple years now and all the sudden I’m the bad guy and have to go through all this hassle just to get back to normal. Every year there is some new hoops to jump through. Thought things were supposed to develop in the other direction, makes things better and easier, but nah! They are sure good at killing their own project.

My ticket is 202135, submitted on Friday, June 23.

This has gotten out of hand.

OPs case is confirmed resolved. Thanks!