Fake ip address

can i ask direct to point i think this the main issued that im not only encounter … we cannot connect used fake ip fake country all fake to connect from brave …Its showing unsupported region …we understand it i dont have any complain about it…

so what will we do to withdraw our brave rewards ? if my country also is in unsupported region ? we will watch our rewards ,until brave will revoke it???



IF you have not properly used Brave Rewards and therefore you have some un-resolved issues with Brave Rewards operations (meaning: they will not give you vBAT because of your misbehaving) . . . then you might not receive vBAT for some extended time.

That ‘extended time’ could be years.

My suggestion is that you use Brave Rewards properly. Be true. Be good. Be blessed.

no… you did not get the main point … im telling about is in costudial wallet , we using fake ip to create uphold wallet to withdraw our earnings… i hope you get the point , honestly its difficult to explain :nauseated_face:the full details ,how to deliver the words correctly… please understand thank you


So . . . you have to use fake IP address and fake country, in order to retrieve your BAT from your Custodial Wallet?

yes you get the point …we need to do that because my march rewards is almost revoke


If there are sufficient BAT in your Custodial Wallet, then you may succeed at transferring your BAT from your Custodial Wallet to your Brave Wallet (Self-Custody). There would likely be some fees - paid in BAT to your Custodial Wallet Provider, for that transfer.

Otherwise, in the future, arrange to receive vBAT to your Brave Rewards setup.

Do Not lose the computer that has the Brave Browser installation. Back up the BraveSoftware folder that you find in the path:

  • C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\

Back up that folder, as a routine - every week at least.

anything can we do for it ?

when we claim it after few days the profile will be flagged … brave make challenge everyday…


No way around the high probability, that you will have some explaining to do . . . and you may not get out of the Brave Rewards doghouse, meaning, you may be FLAGGED for a very long time.

i have 4 computer that installed brave software and from my mom office i advise here to used your browser … but sad to say all is flagged because after claiming the rewards… when i save the back up of my main computer it will okay i did not click the claim button …

you cannot removed the unsupported region from the list and required identity in unsupported region to avoid fraud… just a little suggestion …


Starting now, and into the future, I suggest that you study Brave Rewards operations and documentation.

That study will not be easy; but you will have plenty of time in the FLAGGED DOGHOUSE.

Or, you could just quit.

Yet, if you study and learn, then you may achieve the reward of some satisfaction by helping other members of Brave Community - telling them what you did wrong, and telling them how to use Brave Rewards properly.


we are out of main issue ,we encountering only a small problem in your discription you build to help all people to generate money by browsing …but you keep on banning country… do you think that is help us?


I am neither an official nor an employee of Brave Software and its operations.

I am not a promoter of Brave Rewards. I stopped by, here, at your issue, to offer some assistance.

My interest in Brave Browser, is in trying to keep it aimed toward its primary mission: Privacy and Security.

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in direct talk , we cannot resolve the issues …

brave won’t answer you and tell you what the real cause is

brave hiding of the issue …haysss boring …is there anyone project that similar to brave that has good user service??

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