Fake brave site

is bravebrws[.com] an offical site
so basically i was downloading brave again. Then I went to the top site, then downloaded it the site looked exactly like the official. when i downloaded I relized it was a folder

so i was wondering if it was another way to download brave.

If you go to https://brave.com/, the official site, you can download for your operating system.

@noob2 that’s not a URL that I recognize, so I’m assuming it’s not an official site. I’ll tag @Mattches and @SaltyBanana to see if either can confirm that to be the case.

That being said, where did you look to be directed to that link? It shouldn’t have been listed on Brave Search, Google Search, etc.

Lastly, always good to be safe and look for official sources before downloading anything. You will always have people out there to try to take advantage of others. There was even a report of something last year where someone created a site with bravė instead of brave. You can read more about that at https://www.hackread.com/fake-brave-browser-website-malware-google-ads/

Looks lke a privacy site trying to sell ? Sit was created/registered 11 days ago. Seems they have multiple sites with variations of the Brave name.

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It is a fake website.

Malware/virus may have entered on your device. Scan it with https://malwarebytes.com/

False negative result https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/c7115a8f1625a2b8bd90f346b9876df1da29492fb4d0991b5deca49780f69e00

Thanks for the heads up everyone — reporting this to the appropriate team members.


Can you use your privileges to hide the URL. 4 people have clicked on it.

I thought I’d done it already — thanks for the heads up.

I was one of those 4. Sometimes just can be interesting to poke around and see if you can tell if it’s fake or if they truly did duplicate everything. Also to see if various links/pathways from there ended up navigating to official sources or if they replicated everything on different URL.

I honestly forget if I navigated that far though. I do know just went to it after mentioning now and clicking on any link brings to a 404 Not Found

Do not do it. We never know what will happen after clicking on a link. It might use a unreported 0-day click malware.

As far as I know, a user should only click on such links if he is behind a proxied sandboxed VM where the VM and host do not interact. The host machine is safe then.