Fake BAT Rewards

Hi, I just open my gmail and then I received free BAT Token Distribution from Ariel Winterer

His email : ariel.winterer@yahoo.com

Fake Brave Site

so I download the brave browser setup from the site after that I launch the setup. It will ask to enter ETH address,email address and how much bat we need so I click install I noticed that the program will download some js called Microsoft_FrameWork.js seems this script is encrypted the main program obfuscated with crypto obfuscator I just use de4dot to unpack this program. After unpack the program I found some main url https://rocld.com/m9iyg will download the js file. Can someone please report that fake site.

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PS : English is not my first language also I dont know where to report so I create thread here. Thanks in advance.


@naMcH thank You for spotting that. We love to see this kind of community engagement. Welcome to the community. @cory and @mattches would take it from here

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:ok_hand: good job. i report a lot of spam. It may be useless as a whole but i believe these up and coming companies will be able to combat it easily if they use preventative maintenance