Fairly Troublesome Trying to Start Using Payments

I’m a New York State resident, and New York State residents cannot use Uphold yet.

What’s more, I found Uphold to be quite a hassle (as that’s not Brave’s fault, I won’t get into the details).

But I’d like to start participating in the Brave Payments system and using BAT, even if there is no real use for them at the moment.

Does anyone have a recommended, trusted method for getting up and running, setting up a wallet and/or exchange that will allow me to transfer Fiat to Bitcoin/Ethereum, etc., and then into BAT?

Is there a plan to streamline this process and/or make it easier for regular Joes to get involved in this whole process? Is there a plan to perhaps allow folks to simply purchase BAT directly from FIAT, be that via a credit card or bank transfer? Or are y’all just going “Uphold or Bust”, so to speak?

Thanks in advance.

There are some tutorials to this effect. For example, this flow uses Coinbase and Binance: https://whatisbat.com/2017/12/23/tutorial-purchasing-bat-through-coinbase-and-binance/

Coinbase is very popular as a crypto onramp.

If you don’t want to deal with centralized exchanges like Binance to exchange your ETH or BTC into BAT, you can use decentralized ones such as Airswap. We actually gave an example rundown here:


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Thanks, by the way. I took a while to get around to following things up.

Now, what in blazes to do with these blern BATs, lol!

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