"Failed to Fetch" Error When Signing in with Pinterest Extension


Pinterest save button extension installs fine but when I first go to save an image and I am prompted to sign in I get a “Failed to fetch” message appearing underneath the email that acts as a link but simply takes the focus to the email field. For what it is worth I had already installed the LastPass extension and it is LastPass that is filling in the email and password fields for the Pinterest sign in before I click on the “Login” button and the message appears.

This has occurred on both a 2011 MacMini running Mojave and a 2009 MacPro running High Sierra.


Sounds like a cookie issue.
Try logging into Pintrest first via the website. Once you have, you should be able to use the extension.

If that doesn’t work, when you click “save” on an image and are prompted to login, disable your Shields in the window you’re prompted to login with. Login as normal (this should work without issue) and once signed in, feel free to re-enable your Shields again.

You should be good to use the extension. I was able to sign in and use the Pinterest Save Button extension using the above methods.

Hope this help! Let me know if you need further assistance.

Pinterest (still) returns that error message whenever the accounts.pinterest.com host gets blocked by adblockers, extensions, or Shields.