Failed patches when running 'npm run init'

So I was following the Wikis on how to build the browser on my local machine. When running ‘npm run init’ I got 62 failed patches. I’ll include some screenshots.

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Hi @garret123h

Thanks for reaching out - super glad to see you get setup :slight_smile:

This is a fairly common thing that happens after we upgrade Chromium. Try giving these steps a try:

  • under src/brave checkout master, pull latest
  • at the root (.), pull latest
  • run npm run init to restart the process

At this point, it should grab the latest Chromium version we have, the latest brave-core, and then when the hooks are ran by gclient it’ll execute the patches. Let me know if that fixes you up :smile:


Hi Clifton, thanks for the response! I implemented your suggestions and it worked perfectly. Thank you


You’re very welcome! Let me know here or via GitHub (bsclifton) if you need help with a specific area of the code or you’re looking for an issue to fix :slight_smile:

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