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Description of the issue: For quite some time now every time I’m trying to download an exe file Brave is blocking it saying Failed - Blocked in the left bottom corner and it’s automatically deleting the file. It’s really annoying for me as I have to open Edge browser to download a single file every time. I don’t have very fast internet connection and it made me download a 2GB file twice which took me 2 hours in total I believe.

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Download any exe file

Expected result: I expect you to either fix it or give me a hit on how to disable this in options as I can’t find anything related to it.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 0.69.132 Chromium: 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information: N/A

Thanks for reaching out to us. Can you try the solution for a similar report described here and see if it resolves your issue as well?

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Hello, Mattches
Unfortunately I have this option always on in every browser and so I had in this case, turning it on and off didn’t make any difference and I’m still having this issue (just tested it now to be sure and it’s still blocked).

To confirm, you’re saying that any/all browsers you attempt to download files in give you this (or a very similar) warning message?

No, only Brave gives me this messages, other browsers give me a warning or just download straight away without any messages, I get some notifications from Eset antivirus but I’m ignoring it and then I have to unblock the file in its properties.

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What if you just turn the option off?

Which option? In antivirus? If yes then I had this problem before installing Eset but I have been hacked recently and got an antivirus just in case :wink:

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