Fail to display one of the most viewed website in FR


Meteo France is one of the most popular website in France.
In Brave, a strange phenomenon occur, it appear to be ok for half a second and then the meteo prevision dissapear, in fact you have to scroll down a blank page to find it again.

Example :

Welcome to the community @Sansou,

Can you share your Brave version and Operating System? Providing this kind of info can be really helpful for support and troubleshooting.

And can you provide a screenshot of the issue and screenshot of the expected result? I’m able to open it and it’s loaded properly.

Hi Eljuno,

My brave version : Version 0.64.60 Chromium: 74.0.3729.91 (Build officiel) beta (64 bits)
OS : Win7 family premium

Expected result :

Brave result : (The display is ok for half a seconde and then…)

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