Facebook videos not playing


This started a few days ago when the embedded videos wont play. They’ll play in Chrome and Opera but not in brave.

All my settings are the default settings for Brave.


Hi @Dougal

Do you have strict site isolation enabled? If so, could you try with that disabled and see if it solves the problem?



I don’t believe I do, I haven’t made any changes to Brave since I downloaded it


Do you have an issue playing the videos when they try to go full screen? If so, I think that’s covered by this logged item: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/14358

I reproduced the issue above and saw that if I click on the lion icon and change cookie setting to ‘Allow all cookies’ the videos play. Could you try that as well?


Just came here to confirm I have this problem on my MacBook Pro with the latest version of Brave. Allowing all cookies lets the video play.


Can also confirm, Facebook Video playback is broken on my Brave browser on MacBook Pro too.


I found that lowering my shields allows for video playback


I feel like this answer isn’t ideal though since Facebook is one of the main sites that I WOULD want my shields to be up for when considering ads and trackers. Hopefully there is a better solution than this.


@Santiago39 @Dougal @Shadowsenses @supra97 please see for temporary workaround.



hi there,

somehow the workaround is not working.

Videos didn’t play at all although i allowed all cookies on Facebook, i’m on Windows 10, flash plug-in enabled.

Any thought?



Guys, please don’t dismiss these as isolated cases. Playing Facebook videos is a basic feature and it’s been more than a week since it’s not working on both of my Windows 7 computers.

Fiddling with the settings isn’t an acceptable workaround.


Hi @epremuz,
The team is aware of this issue. Logged issue.

And adjusting shields is just a temporary workaround until the team is fixed it.
Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:


Hi @dantez,
I’m sorry for late reply. We’ve heard that some users still not able to play the video even with Allow all cookies. You can see the report on the GitHub link. Maybe try to lowering your shields?



hi @eljuno

Facebook video still not working even when i turned off the shield :frowning_face:


Instead of turning off the shields, try enabling the shields and enabling “Allow All Cookies” while on Facebook. That works for me, personally!


Try these following individually because somehow, the solution for different OS are different.

  1. Allow all the cookies including third party cookies and try to load the facebook video again by refreshing the page.

  2. If the above does not work, Lower all your shields & then perform the above step (1) I.e allow all cookies & reload the facebook page.

Make sure the brave Is up-to-date so that most known bugs are patched.

Hopefully This Would Help :smile:

Best Regards!


Here’s an idea, ROLLBACK the last update.

Enabling all cookies or disabling the shields is not a viable fix, but a stupid and reckless one. FB is one of the worst sites for crap and eliminating security measures as a fix is appalling from so called professionals.

Maybe I should reconsider my using Brave as a safe alternative?


I landed the fix for this yesterday: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/14358, https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/pull/14465

I don’t think the rollback of Brave would solve your issue, this seems like a change of how Facebook interacts with its CDN


I read that already, and it speaks of enabling third party, or all cookies. As some mentioned in that thread as well, enabling third party or all cookies is not wise, especially with some of the junk coming through on FB. And, I eluded to that in my post which you apparently missed.

This all started right after the last Brave update, so yes a rollback would be a good place to start. Opera has remained functional with no updates, and yet it continues to work.


To my understanding, Facebook CDN protects its assets from embedding (or something similar) by checking the referrer HTTP header, which Brave would normally strip and fake. The fix (the second link in my first reply) adds the FB CDN to a list of exceptions. This does not enable 3rd party cookies, only allows the referrer header. This is unlikely to be harmful as normally only Facebook website requests data from the Facebook CDN.

Opera is functional because they never stripped the referrer header in the first place.