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1.) Using Cherry Mobile Flare X V3 as an Android device
2.) Android version 5.1
3.) Brave 1.0.28, Chromium 60.0.3112.78
4.) Browse any Facebook video that has a certain resolution larger than it(I don’t know the approximate number) when you toggle full screen or when you change your phone into landscape orientation or both landscape with full screen, the video is forcefully zoomed in and some parts of the video is cropped out :

Portrait full screen mode

Facebook video playback problem returns (videos played on fullscreen or horizontal orientation crops the video)

Landscape None full screen mode


landscape full screen mode


This is how it looks like when viewed in default/portrait non-fullscreen mode. As you can see this is the non cropped video looks like.


Hi @Nero

Could you try this on another browser with the same video and see what happens? I’m curious if this happens on Chrome, etc as well.

cc: @Serg



This is for the results from Firefox: it doesn’t crop out the videos, but it pops up and always open in a new tab. Default view when clicked:


No full screen Landscape:


Fullscreen portrait:


Fullscreen landscape:


This is for Chrome: it has the same issue, but only in non-fullscreen mode when fullscreen mode is on, it auto corrects this issue: Default view/no fullscreen portrait:


No fullscreen landscape:


Fullscreen portrait:


Fullscreen Landscape:


@Nero thank you for reporting that. We are going to work on video problems very soon.


Okay, thank you very much. :grinning:

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