Facebook video playback problem returns (videos played on fullscreen or horizontal orientation crops the video)

  • i. Operating System and version: Android 5.1
  • ii. Brave Version: 1.0.40
  • issue: Facebook’s video’s are cropped when played at fullscreen or landscape orientation.
    • i. When played at default orientation (vertical/portrait) on non fullscreen mode, video works fine)
    • ii. However, if I play a video on a horizontal orientation be it fullscreen or not, video is cropped out, this problem also occurs on vertical/portrait orientation when fullscreens is applied.
    • iii. Previous post link: Facebook video playback


Cant upload all photos at once, will do it one by one, as this one you can see there’s no problem, no cropping when viewed at default state.

(portrait none fullscreen)


Here are the remaining images. Angles are cropped when using landscape orientation or when using fullscreen.

Portrait fullscreen


Landscape non fullscreen


Landscape fullscreen

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