Facebook uses 2.5gb++ of ram

For some reasons, brave’s task manager indicates facebook uses more than 2.5gb of ram… Is that normal? I have 32gb of ram but it is still a lot. Yesterday in system monitor, brave was using 4gb of ram with only one facebook tab and one youtube tab. Is there some info I can provide for my issue?

I’m using fedoral linux by the way.

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A site should never use over 2.5 gb of RAM. That is really weird.

its after a lot of scrolling tho…

Hello @XxTriviumxX

could you disable all extension and see how much memory it use

It abnormal man, I think you should uninstall and install again.

To the right of the URL bar, click the Brave icon to show your shield settings for Facebook

Press Shift + ESC to open Brave’s task manager to show processes and extensions running

It might be shield settings tackling a lot of crap on Facebook, extensions, or perhaps a deeper routed issue that could be solved by testing out a new profile / or uninstalling - reinstalling (Back up any data you want to keep before uninstalling / reinstalling).

I’m gonna give a go without any extensions, i’ll give an update afterwards!

to tell you the truth, its maybe because of this extension called “Disable HTML5 Autoplay”. I use that to block youtube’s autoplay in a new tab, because native autoplay only blocks youtube videos that i click directly on. New tabs autoplay blocks for half a second then starts playing no matter what i do… I’m still gonna remove all extensions tho.

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try to use brave for some time after you disable the extension so maybe for 1 hour or more to make sure it just extension issue

I will gladly try after work thanks :slight_smile:

you very welcome @XxTriviumxX :slight_smile:

this is my usage after scrolling for 20 minutes

with new fedora installation + new brave installation and no extensions

could you close brave and make sure it does not work in background

then start it again and clear cache/cookies

see if that help or not

if it did not try to go to brave://settings/system and turn off hardware acceralrtion and see if it help

if that did not help aslo last thing go to menu then create new profile to test if it work fine on that new profile

do you mean that new device or what?

thanks! i will try these out tommorow! Yes I re-installed fedora linux + installed brave… this is the result of scrolling fast in facebook for 20-25 minutes

if that new instaltion then just try this

also check if turning off the shield would make differance

and you very welcome

Hey – a fellow metal head, judging by your user name :slight_smile:

@justsomeone1 is probably correct about Hardware Acceleration – but I think I’m a bit confused. Did disabling the autoplay extension you had installed not resolve the issue? Additionally, we have an open issue for the browser’s internal autoplay not working properly:

oh okay good to hear that im not alone having autoplay issues! And as mentioned, i formatted my fedora machine and freshly installed brave with no extensions at all! that screenshot was the result. ill give a try with disabling hardware acceleration tommorow


Got it – I misread your posts, apologies for that. Please let us know what you find out when HWA is disabled.

Tried with hardware accelertion disabled. Same result. plot twist: tried with firefox 88, SAME RESULT!!! What could possibly be happening to my facebook?

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