Facebook site video audio sometimes works and sometimes does not


I have the latest version of Brave installed and am beginning to use it as my full-time browser.

When I am on the facebook page, and wish to watch some of the videos people post there, the audio starts off working and then after a while it stops working for some reason. Quite frustrating.

But when I close the tab and reopen facebook, it works again.

Also facebook games don’t work at all, and I do have Adobe Flash installed.

I’m not sure if an issue has been logged already but if it has I apologize.

Can someone please explain what might be causing this issue and how we can fix it?


Hi @Mouflonrouge. Regarding flash games not working on Facebook is captured and can be tracked here

For the video issue, how often does it happen? Does the video opens up in full screen and if you go back to page view does the audio get muted or when you play the video itself there is no audio from beginning.


Hi sriram,

it appears to be quite random. Sometimes I just hit the sound button to listen whilst I scroll down and after a while it no longer has sound. I have not found a pattern to it yet just noticed that it is occurring with the Brave browser. It does not occur with other browsers which I would rather not use.

I’ve been trying the full screen mode and when I exited the full screen mode it happened 1 time out of 3 where the sound was not working.


Oh yeh and when I enter full screen mode and then exit and then try and reenter, it claims that I need to install Flash even though I already have installed it.


Do you have flash enabled on your browser? Also if you can keep an eye on some concrete steps where you are able to reproduce this easily that would be great.


Yes I have flash enabled.

I will come up with concrete steps and get back to you.

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