Facebook Purity


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  1. I don’t see a duplicate request.
  2. N/A
  3. http://www.fbpurity.com/
  4. Facebook Purity allows you to remove “junk” from FB. Such as news, ads, and whatever other junk bars that get in the way of just have a conversation with only who and what you want. It is completely controllable.
  5. It should be added, because Facebook is otherwise invasive and unpleasant to use without it, yet many of us have to use it right now, because its an efficient way to communicate. Not having itt is preventing me from using Brave 100% of the time, and having it on Brave would allow every user to block the junk from FB, like all of the other browsers can. It may be as simple as reaching out to the FBPurity folks. I have already suggested it to them, but I’m just a layman user. I have used it for 2 years now, and its beyond wonderful.


Hi @Jadae, the extension has already been suggested and listed here. Let me close yours in favor of FB "Fluff-Busting" Purity.


closed #3

Duplicate of FB "Fluff-Busting" Purity.