Facebook Not Showing Insights on Brave



I manage a number of pages on Facebook as a part of my business and I noticed the last time I got on one of the pages using Brave that it did not allow me to view a lot of the analytics (what they call “insights”) for my posts.
I will post picture examples below

what it should look like (taken on Chrome)

what it does look like (taken on Brave)

This feature works perfectly fine on Chrome, so I’m wondering if there’s some sort of filter or blocker that I have activated on Brave that would cause this.
Any help would be appreciated



Hi @jonmeister,

It seems Brave blocked the insight source – https://graph.facebook.com/insight.

Allow Ads and Tracking via lion icon in top-right can show the insight, for now.

cc: @suguru, can Brave have workaround for this so user don’t need to change the shield? :wink:



that did solve the problem, but it would definitely be nice to have a workaround, thank you for noting that. please keep me posted on that :slight_smile:


I logged it in the link below :slight_smile:

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