Facebook: Need to re login after i close brave!

I use 2FA regularly (also with Yubikey/passkey). not a Brave/2FA issue. Try relogin, clear cookies and cache first. Disable any VPN also

Ok but it works on other browsers! No need to clear anything there.

I tested all the ways to keep my account logged in. But i have failed by those ways. But finally i able to keep my account logged in. I found two ways.

  1. Just turn off your two factor authentication and logged in. It will remains logged in.
  2. Log in to a chrome browser, then export the cookies from chrome browser using cookie-editor extension.
  • Then come back to brave and clear all cookies from facebook.com website by clicking on Delete button.
  • Click on import and paste the copied cookies.
  • Now reload the web browser. You will see your facebook account here.
  • Now click on cookie editor again, you will see there are multiple field in same name, click them and identify the newly created on by comparing with old exported cookies which exported from chome.
  • Delete the old value and reload. I hope it will work.

– there may have many ways to do this. But i just got those solution.


Brave screwed everything up today. All the website were broken, then same for my phone, and now Facebook will not keep me logged in. Always this browser with the issues.

UPDATE: No matter how many times I deleted cache, and FB permissions, it still didn’t fix it. I finally deleted “datr” for FB and it worked.

Try this if you’re having this issue.
Logout of FB, and close the tab. Go to Brave Settings>Privacy & Security>Site and Shield settings>Cookies and Other Site Data>See all Site Data & Permissions>Dropdown Facebook, and click Facebook in that dropdown>Cookie and Site Data>click X ro remove datr.

Man what a day
Good luck.

This is still happening, tried every fix mentioned here. I am using Linux, LMDE 6 to be more specific.

this happened to me today, after i deleted the last hour of my browsing history
what worked for me is (CTRL + D) simply bookmark facebook on your brave browser

did u try to bookmark facebook?

This worked for me. Deleted that datr cookie and it went smooth afterward.

Does this work in brave://adblock

facebook.com##+js(cookie-remover, datr)

No still the same, at least for me even after adding it.

If I close the browser i need to login again every time.

I’ve been experiencing this issue as well but only on my Windows 11 machine. I also use Brave on macOS and have not experienced this issue thankfully. Not sure if Brave behaves differently depending on the OS.
I did however see something about disabling EasyList being a possible fix/workaround on Reddit. Ideally a more permanent / natural solution would be ideal.

I have the same issue as described here, I have two laptops and an android phone, I started using Brave on all of them. The issue appears on the Windows 11 desktop applications.

I don’t know the code of Brave but maybe the issue is in the syncing logic?
Maybe Facebook uses something from the synced data to identify the devices and it gets synced all over too? Just a guess.


  1. Log out from everywhere
  2. In the first browser (laptop 1 or 2) I can log in without any issues
  3. In the second browser (laptop 2 or 1) Facebook tells me it is detecting suspicious activity and asks me (in the same browser!!) to verify if its me.
  4. I verify it
  5. Everything is working in the two browsers as long as I don’t close them. After that I have to re-login

So this is a big issue for several months now.

Looping my post here:

100% Guaranteed Solution​:blush::smiley:
:+1: Settings → Privacy and security → Site & Shields Settings → On-Device Site Data → Always Delete Site Data From Your Device When You Close Brave → remove (facebook.com)

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esta explicacion me parece muy satisfactoria muchas gracias.