Facebook: Need to re login after i close brave!

What do you mean by “not working for me”? Did you follow the complete instructions? I’ve tested it with several users experiencing the same issue, and it resolved it for them. Just ensure that after removing all sessions and devices, you have the registered device to receive OTP. Otherwise, Facebook won’t grant you access, especially if you are using a VPN.

Glad it’s working for you as well. If you don’t mind, please give my post a like as a token of appreciation. This way, others can try it to resolve the same issue we encountered.:joy:

I tested it right now and seems to be working, but I’ll wait a bit to see if it keeps working.

But for me I had to access the account centre to be able to find the devices and I had to manually remove them one by one.

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When you log in to Facebook and opt to remember your login info, the duration it stays saved depends on your browser settings, session duration, security features (like 2FA), cookies, and factors such as device and location. Typically, if you don’t manually log out, your browser keeps your login for a while. Remember, these factors influence how often you need to log in.

  1. Session Length: Facebook sessions persist until manual log-out, clearing cookies, or session expiration due to inactivity.

  2. Security Settings: Two-factor authentication (2FA) can affect how long your login stays remembered.

  3. Browser Cookies: Clearing cookies might prompt a new login on your next visit.

  4. Device and Location: If you log in from a different device or location, you may need to re-enter credentials for security reasons.

I also want to let you know that if you use cleaning software like Avast Cleaner, CCleaner, etc., it might have an impact, especially if the software is set to automatically clean and you’re not aware because it runs in the background. Please check and disable it if necessary.

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Inform me if you can access Facebook 24 hours later without entering your username and password. This suggests the issue may be resolved. Avoid clearing cookies or using a VPN/Proxy, as mentioned above, to prevent Facebook triggers prompting you to log in again.

Regarding the device location, it could be specific to the country. Facebook may show it on a different page location. In your case, it’s in the account center.

It worked! I although the guide to getting to the part where you remove logins was slightly off, anyhoo, I got to the right place, removed the logins, etc, and it worked! Thank you!

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Hi there,
This did not work for me and I’ve been trying a bunch of things all day. It would allow me to sign back into Instagram or Facebook I am not getting my authentication code sent to the phone number it has on file. After I approve the notification that is sent to my FB account and verify that it is indeed me it won’t approve the Brave the browser but if I enter the info on any other browser it will will approve it and send the code to my device and approve the browser. I’m on a MacBook Pro running MacOS Sonoma 14.1.1 –– Please help!

When I try to (re-)enable two-step authentication, now Facebook asks to re-enter my password over and over again. The password is correct, copied from a password manager.

When I disabled 2fa, was I supposed to remove Facebook from my authentication app? I’m afraid to do so cause I don’t have backup codes.

It’s not recommended to disable 2FA as it can be risky. Some users face issues when they turn it off and then attempt to re-enable it, which might be flagged by Facebook as unusual activity. As mentioned earlier, ensure that 2FA is already active before trying the fix I suggested. Also, make sure you have the device linked to your account with you to receive the login code. Even though you might eventually regain access, as you mentioned knowing the correct password, the process could involve such as waiting for several days and trying again. Facebook is very strict with accessing account, especially when accessing it from different locations, using a VPN, using a new device, or making certain changes to settings.

The issue is that the code isn’t reaching your registered phone. It’s not directly tied to logging in each time you close the Brave browser. Try waiting 24 to 48 hours before attempting again, even if your password is correct. Facebook takes account access seriously, and fixing these problems can take some time. I looked into similar cases, and many users experienced the same issue. Please try logging in again using the Brave browser after 24 to 48 hours and let me know if you receive the code.

Try this fix: I attempted to replicate your issue. Now, I can’t get into my account even though my password is correct and stored in the Keepass password manager. It keeps asking for a password. Fortunately, I logged in successfully using my old password. Do you remember your previous password? Have you changed your password recently? Give it a try.

I’ve not changed my password. I’m already logged in, but when I try to enable 2FA, it asks for my password, I type it in, it asks again, I type it in, it asks again…

I see. When was the last time you turned off the 2FA, and why did you disable it? If it was to address the issue of having to log in every time you access Facebook on Brave, it’s not worth it. It might be better to keep it enabled. As for 2FA, what method did you use for the code—via SMS or an authentication app like Authy? Turning Facebook’s 2FA on and off frequently could be seen as unusual activity, which might be why you’re unable to access your account. I suggest waiting for at least 24 to 48 hours before trying again. Once you successfully turn it on, make sure to add a backup method like SMS and obtain recovery codes to store in your password manager.

Yo have to try this: Navegador Brave me cierra sesion en mis cuentas cuando cierro el navegador - #9 by Naishi

And this works for me, disable this too:

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I already have these settings. Thank you but It doesn’t solve the issue.

Facebook doesn’t recognise Brave. I logged in on brave and facebook sent me a notification I have logged in on chrome

Brave uses the same Chrome user agent, So understandable here

Today I re-enabled 2FA on Facebook, closed Brave, opened brave, and I was still signed into Facebook. The problem seems gone.

What I did was enable continue where you left off on startup get started settings, then login your Facebook account, then close brave when you are successfully logged in. When you open back Brave browser, Eventually, it will log you back in your FB account. Afterwards, you may turn off the start up setting if you like.

So does Brave have problem with all sites using 2FA?? I have allowed ALL cookies and still Brave Browser doesnt save the cookie that keep me logged in. This is very annoying and if there’s no solution I will go back to Firefox/Chrome. I will not remove any 2FA just because of Brave.
Also > I cant use Twitch! Wont let me login… I cant press the “Accept Cookies” at top of the site, I think thats the problem. It just tells me my Browser is not supported (image attached).
So… does Brave have problem with its Cookie-storage? Is there any solution to this problem?