Facebook messenger and puzzles

Description of the issue:
I think brave is great but I cannot use video calls on Facebook Messenger or play quizzes on USA Today.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open new tab on Brave
  2. Open Facebook
  3. Click on Messenger and open a dialogue
  4. Click on the video camera.

Expected result:
You will now start a video call.\

But at this time:
You will be able to see yourself but not see or hear the other person.
Brave Version( check About Brave):
I downloaded it last week. I do not see the “About Brave” tab.
Additional Information:
To use the puzzles on usatoday, I have to disable Brave shields.

Hello! Thaank you for reaching out to us! Its funny you should bring this up – I’m actually writing a support article right now where I reference this exact issue (USA today crossword). I believe the solution is the same for both issues:

  1. Visit puzzles.usatoday.com
  2. Open the Shields panel, turn Shields UP
  3. Then, set the Device Recognition option to Allow all device recognition and let the page refresh.
  4. Enjoy your crossword :slight_smile:

The issue with Facebook will very likely be resolved by following those same steps. In the even that it does not resolve the issue, please let me know and I’d be happy to help continue troubleshooting with you.

So you’re telling me to do what I discovered on my own.
I …GUESS that was helpful???
(That was the B side. My main complaint was Facebook messenger. Fix THAT.)

No, it’s not.

:point_up: You do not have to turn Shields down – this drops all protections. You only need to drop one of them, as I stated above.

Additionally, for your Facebook issue, as I said previously

That is MORE helpful; however, I see no “device recognition option”.
I would LIKE to use it.

I rethink I found it. If I got into the general settings tab, the menu includes (under the title “shields”) an option with three drop down menu selections:
a) allow all device recognition attempts

b) block all device recognition attempts

block only cross site device recognition attempts

So I changed my selection to a).
I have not noticed a difference yet but so far so good.

Is that what you meant?

FWIW a couple of games on USA Today still do not play. Hmmmmm

I tested this with https://puzzles.usatoday.com/sudoku/ . Just needed to Allow all device recognition which would allow this to work.

Fixed occasional blank pages: https://github.com/easylist/easylist/commit/b371b8be6ff2ee2e51d6f50b8c0c0cd2494a0c7f

If other games don’t play, then you’ll need to provide the details surrounding that issue. For the record you can adjust the Shields panel on any site to resolve site-specific issues. More information on Shields on our Help Center.

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