Facebook login for websites

I tried Brave recently due to deteriorating service from Chrome.

I have reported my own site not working with shields up because login to my own website on the following page does not work with shields up on Windows 10:


Our site is already working as an ‘app’ on its own hidden platform and thus login has to be cross domain capable even to login using Facebook. I presume some aspect of this cross domain software is the cause. If necessary I can share technical details on the advice of my associate who handles the login software.

One cannot rely on the general public to realise ‘shields up’ is the cause of a login button not working. If this issue can be solved, I will have our testers hold a full review of the site’s performance on Brave with a view to recommending the browser to our users.

Hi @Mainframe,
Can you try setting the shield settings to allow all cookies and testing logging in?

I’ve done that. Taking shields off for the site enables everything. But if I tell my users to go there, in my experience they won’t get the idea. They will just tell me my site isn’t working and ask why I told them to download a browser it doesn’t work on. It ought to be possible to white list known safe cookies, or known safe sites, or recognise an FB login.

Have submitted a potential fix @Mainframe @Aa-ron ,

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