Facebook is covering half the tab requesting login and i want it removed, it's giving me a hard time seeing web contents

ok so i alwaays use brave browser it’s just perfect! However today i find this "please login to facebook to uncover the bottom half of the screen tab. at first i thought it just appears for searching and links on google… to my surprise it covers youtube videos unless i use full screen. which i don’t like to use especially if im in a hurry and i have to use the script block shields, yet it breaks some websites not showing texts. why did you put this anyway?
is brave and facebook cooperating or something?
and by the way, i tried to login facebook but it didn’t remove the tab view block

@Pan1bo ,
So that appears on sites that aren’t Facebook related? That’s very strange. Can you try clearing your cache/browsing data and see if this resolves the issue? Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data

@Pan1bo Hello, this isnt a normal behaviour. If what @Mattches said doesn’t help you. I have two recommendations:

1-I see the extensions icon in your browser. If you have any extensions installed, deactivate them.


2- Maybe you have an application that is generating those Facebook windows. I see you have avast, did you try to scan the device?.

I have a quick fix for you.
Right click on the facebook-login and chose " Inspect".
Then scroll down and find “/iframe>”, Right click and delete it.

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hello sorry for the late reply i tried reinstalling brave without clearing its data and it half solved the problem.
previously i couldn’t watch youtube without it being an ill then it evolved to covering the video on full screen! that was really annoying
after i reinstalled it without clearing web data it disappeared from youtube but i can’t say for sure since i did it just now.
but i do see it again on google browsing -,-
also it sometimes appears on… let’s say not so developed websites.
i search for stuff for my university soo… i look everywhere and it sometimes appear. but not on all sites.

that helps a lot thanks a ton!

the only extensions i have are google translate and metastream remote streaming service
i don’t know if metastream is a bad service but it does it’s job well.
and i just run a scan i had one mailware i deleted that but it’s still coming

Okay, disable your extensions one by one.

If this doesnt work, you should use Malwarebytes to scan your device:

or a online scanner like ESET online scan:

Can you please try clearing your browsing data as I mentioned in my original reply?

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I tried every suggestion and it seemed to have worked
the sign is gone now that I deleted browsing data
I think it was some sort of mailware that I didn’t know thati had.
I saw that same sign appearing in chrome… but I have no idea how I got this virus
I’m mostly on brave I only ever use chrome to log in my university’s online lectures. and brace for personal usage…

in cases like these I think I should move completely to brave

oh and i forgot to say thanks, thank you guys!<3333

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