Facebook control buttons



I have noticed a problem with Facebook on over ver 0.18.23 and the previous one. When I am login to the app I can’t use the control buttons on Facebook (logout etc.) after a few minutes of being on the page. That forces me to close the window of the Brave and open Chrome in order to logout successfully from the Facebook.


Hi @teo

When I am login to the app I can’t use the control buttons on Facebook (logout etc.)

When you’re referring to “app”, do you mean the facebook.com website? Which platform are you seeing this happen on? Windows 10? Linux? macOS? When the controls on Facebook stop working, is the rest of the browser still responsive?

If you notice the issue happening again and the controls under Facebook stop working, could you please paste the errors that you see in the developer tools via the “Console”. You can do this by using the following steps:

  • When you reproduce the problem, open the developer tools using “OPTION + CMD + I” on macOS and “SHIFT + F8” on Windows
  • Click on “Console” and either take a screenshot of all the errors or upload them as a text file

I’ll see if I can reproduce this locally in the meantime!


I am on ubuntu 16.4 . I will try to take a screen shot next time it happens…


Ok i have the screenshot. The Control menu of Facebook freezes so i can choose the option to send a message or to see who gave me a “like” or to open my “wall” . Everything else works fine!

When i move mouse over these buttons they don’t work. report2
The problem starts after 5 minutes login in to Facebook. The only option i have if i want to logout, is to open a new tab of Facebook and continue from there or open facebook with other browser. The new tab works fine and i can continue without any problem while the previous tab is still open with the problem . I haven’t managed to notice any symptom that causes the problem yet. Also i have to say that the screenshot of “console” is exacly the same on two tabs, the one with the problem and the new one that works fine. Thats all … i dono how i helped with that problem :slight_smile: