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To make Brave even more strict, please add a facebook blocker-type of cookie setting; this will stop Facebook from tracking you in the site, or when you logoff; I do not notice any struct blocking for Facebook; an extension you might integrate in Brave is I Like privacy; a chrome extension; until this or a similar extension is added; Facebook will continue to track, block, and take down pages and groups; not complaining; this is a way to make Brave MORE secure!
Thank you in advance!!


Do you have any suggestion for such extension to be integrated into Brave? Does individual cookie management suffice this?


What is needed(not a complaint) is a built in extension that stops Facebook from tracking you on the site, and on the web; there is a Chrome extension " I LIKE PRIVACY"Privacy badger from EFF.org, a trusted source, or Facebook disconnect; these should be built in, as your present add ons are; too many users have their accounts blocked, banned, or a complete removal of the account takes place; facial recognition is used to apply identity theft to a persons account without notice!!

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