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Just installed Brave on an android phone. When starting the browser–Facebook, Amazon, and Wikepe… icons or widgets pop up on the search page. Don’t use these and would like to delete them. Could find nothing in settings that might remove them. Searched this community topics and could not find any information. Just tell me where to look.

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Can you share a screenshot pf the “issue”, @joejet?

I’m not entirely sure about that.

Finally figured it out. New to smart phones so it is a steep learning curve. First, It must take a while for the software to completely load. I tried to delete the icons first thing after loading and I got nowhere. After I made my post, I tried again before shutting it down and I was able to delete the icons from the first page. There were 6-7 icons (only 3 showed at a time) that are standard junkware, Facebook, twitter, instagram, amazon and others. Can not remember exactly how I did it, but I selected the icon (press and hold?), then either a menu came up or I selected the 3-dots for a menu, and ‘Remove’ was one of the options. Had to get rid of each one individually. Loaded software this morning and the icons were not there. Don’t know if they will show up after a software update.

Thanks for the quick response. I will put this into the topic as solved.

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