Facebook ads aren't blocked?


Hello, hopefully this is the right place to ask about this.

When I visit Facebook the annoying sponsored adverts on the right side are still there, is it possible to get rid of these or is there a reason that’s not currently happening, or will require another extension?



Hi @ghostface,

That’s because those ads is 1st party ads which Brave not block - only 3dr party ads would be blocked.
In the future, user will have option to block those 1st party ads too. You can track the progress here:

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Still see Facebook Ads

I got rid of those ads on Chome using uBlock Origin. It’s disappointing to see them here. I thought Brave Shield would deal with them. Is there an extension I could use on Brave for now? I don’t see uBlock Origin as an option.


Unfortunately I am afraid there isn’t an extension for that in the Brave browser. Right now, waiting for the implementation of that issue is the only thing we can do…

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