Extensions to Brave on Kindle Fire HD 10

Can you add extensions to the Brave browser on a Kindle Fire HD 10.
I’ve asked this question a couple of times in the last couple of months, have not received so much as a single reply, If I cannot address this issue, then it’s so long Brave, hello Firefox. I would rather keep Brave, but no support, no reason to keep it.

I do not believe this is possible at this time. However, I will reach out to Android team and confirm – I know that we only recently integrated extension usage on Android in general.

Thank you for your patience, I will return as soon as I have more information.

It wasn’t possible since the last update, but now you can add extensions to the browser. I use kindle fire hd 3rd generation and it was very strange that I couldn’t install an AdBlock on my browser. When I bought it I knew it was the last generation. It was very hard for me to decide what kind of Kindle fire to buy. I found a site where is a lot of information about Kindles and other e-books, like nook. After I have read a lot of reviews and statistics I decided that the last generation is the best because it is the last and I thought that is the most perfect e-book at the moment.

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