Extension to download videos (ebutuoy :))


Extension to download videos (ebutuoy :))
Can you recommend any?


Forgive me if it’s not an extension:

Btw, welcome to Brave Community! :wink:

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Unfortunately it is! Will be exploring for one. If the community has suggestions please let me know! Thank you very much! Happy to be a part! Minor but let me express words of gratitude, besides privacy protection, completely switching to Brave usage has made surfing 3 times faster! I bought a special cooling ventilator attachment for my notebook, although it’s got 6GB RAM, especially to enhance CPU performance!. With this pressure on the CPU decreased substantially! And there’s BAT, fabulous! Brave team! Well done! Thank you very much! Wish you all the best and grand luck!


I was looking for Chromium video-downloader extensions for quite a bit and I couldn’t find one that worked and wasn’t malware. The Chrome store blocks all downloader extensions that work on YouTube so all official apps are basically useless because the most important platform doesn’t work. Then there’s an extension by an Indian scam company that looks quite professional and could be installed from outside the store using Dev mode but it contains adware based on many reviews I read so I never installed it and neither should you.
For most purposes, especially YouTube, downloader-websites are currently your most comfortable option IMO, for example https://ddownr.com (works with playlists) or http://convert2mp3.net/ . If you want to use programs, you can try JDownloader or 4k video downloader.
A mod from the Brave forums recommended “youtube-dl”. It’s a command-line program that is a little uncomfortable to operate for people like me who are not tech-savvy but works like magic once you figured it out.

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Thank you very much!