Extension that works on local host blocked as tracker

Description of the issue: There is an extension called Immerse with Migaku (not yet publicly released) that communicates with an application installed on the computer via local host and port 12345. Unfortunately while trying to use it this connection is blocked by the shield and marked as tracker. I am looking for a way to whiteside it
How can this issue be reproduced?
Since the extension is not publicly released there is no way of getting access to it without joining cretors patreon. I am willing to provide any detail needed in troubleshooting this issue

Expected result: addon sharing data to local host

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.18.75

Additional Information: When the requests are made from a site on localhost on the different port everything works as expected


Hey @Magaknuto

We block third-party localhost/ requests in shields (due to privacy). Is there another way to configure the app avoid these localhost requests?


While I see the reason for blocking access to local host, it would be nice to be able to whitlist at least one of the ports at the time as there is nothing else, system related, happening there. Only solution I can think of is forwarding the local host with ngrox and have the addon send its data there. This solution is hacky though, and not all user would be able to utilize it. Those who aren’t tech-savvy will stop using brave in favor of Chrome to get the issue sorted out.

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