Extension support

I 100th this notion. You guys have done an AMAZING JOB with Brave. I have Brave Merch, I believe in you guys 100% I was overly joyed to finally see a functioning metamask Wallet integrated into Android browser.

Last thing I need and then I’m my opinion this will be the absolutely best browser on the market. Because I’ve started switching to Opera Browser due to these lacks of function.


  2. Like Opera, integrate natural ENS and other domain registrars into the address bar. Ex: in opera í just type in my ENS name and boom straight to the site. With Brave I have to get a .hosting or .limo service so it’s etc.eth.hosting/limo/etc.

Those are absolutely NECESSARY and top priorities in my opinion if you want to hold on tk trajectory for market dominance in best browser.


First of all, very big thanks to the Brave browser Team for this first class browser. The feature that I would like to see is the “extensions feature for Android”. Nowadays I am using kiwi browser for watching YouTube because I can enable extensions for preventing digital addiction. I would love to see the extension feature for Android.


I just wanted to see if this was a planned feature to allow brave mobile to support Chrome extensions? Mainly because you can further harden your browser security and privacy wise.

Also, side question does brave mobile have access to the filter lists page for adblock like the desktop? I would love to add my own lists as the defaults fall a little short.

Thank you


Yes, Brave has Filter list in the Android, you can access it in bottom of brave://adblock. For adding filter list, you can always copy the filter list from Desktop browser to Android browser. Hopefully, brave sync will sync the filter list too in future.

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I’m going to chime in as well. Extensions would be a great addition to this app, and if added I might end up switching entirely from Firefox.
There are quality of life and accessibility extensions that are essential for folks with disabilities and physical limitations, not to mention the extensions that optimize browsing for mobile, things like Facebook containers and Ad-Nauseum. I hope y’all decide to integrate add-on support soon.

Nice to have one too…

I’ve been asking for this feature for literally over 3 years now. Also could you replicate the iOS feature of biometric unlocking of the Wallet (as well as opening the app) I absolutely love that feature on my iPhone.

ROG Phone Version 2
ROG Phone Version 3
ROG Phone Version 6

Once my V2 and V3 finally gave out, I was given an iPhone SE 2nd Gen and also was given an iPhone 14 (I hate not having the button and thumb biometrics, but all my android phones have had biometric features as well.)

Seriously such a convenience Android Brave pisses me off sometimes lol :confused:

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Any update on extension support? From earlier comments, it’s said that Chromium removed the mobile support for it, but was wondering if anything changed since then.

The only extensions i really, REALLY miss on my Android version of Brave are the one that bypasses that horrible, “Do you want to continue” button thats stops your tunes when your jammin’ to a Rad playlist on bOObTubE, and the form recovery tool thats saved my butt so many times I clicked somewhere by accident with old , stoopid thumbs :smiling_face: Nothing worse than typing a few paragraphs droppin’ some knowledge or something, then hitting something next to the enter button and instantly losing your work. It happens so easily on a phone, ya know. Just my 2 cents, everyone has those I reckon, but id imagine just about everyone would dig no ads AND continous play without the overlords asking if were sure we’d like to continue enjoying ourselves. Other than that, Brave is TIGHT, and I love you guys very much for all your hard work. I sincerely appreciate your valuable time!!!
Much love!!! :v:

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Microsoft edge for Android has this feature now

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I use Kiwi on Android because Brave doesn’t support extensions

that’s the only reason

I think it’s mentioned in Android, but I personally think the extension is unnecessary in Android

As seen here and in many other communities, we are seeing more and more desire for extensions. It has kept me from Brave being my daily driver for years. Firefox, Kiwi (only lightly used for testing), and now Edge? Not to mention Yandex, which is not one I would use personally.

There is a market for it and honestly, if Edge can pull it off, I would love to see it in Brave to have a much more privacy focused browser.

I support this too even if my browser goes a bit whacky.
It is currently whacky too, freezing from time to time having to minimize and open it up again, new tabs are not displayed in the tab group until minimized, so if extensions are added it will improve my life as the browser is already not that stable.