Extension Setting - Allow In Private - What is the purpose for this setting?

Greetings Friends,
Please advise. What is the purpose for the “Allow In Private” extension setting?

  1. If it is NOT ENABLED in an extension. What is the risk?
  2. If it is ENABLED in an extension. What is the value? How will I know if it is working?


Private is where your device doesn’t keep cookies and it tries to restrict any idenitfying information about you. This doesn’t mean it’s all concealed, but it tries to make your device appear as generic as possible so that it’s hard for advertisers and websites to know if it’s you or someone else.

Websites are easily able to identify which extensions you use on your browser. So when you have them enabled, it makes your device “less private” and more easily to discern you compared to other users. In addition, Extensions also can have their own ways of tracking and using your information.

No risk. If you do NOT enable Allow in Private then you’ll leave more of a generic “trace” behind and won’t have a bunch of cookies and other data floating around. It also blocks off Extensions from interfering with anything.

Only value is if you think you need to use the extension while in Private windows. It will make you more easily identifiable and all, which may negate the purpose of Private window to begin with, but that’s about it.

You would know it’s working because you should see the extension doing whatever it’s supposed to do when you’re in the Private Window.

If you allow extensions to work in Private, they might reveal your IP address or other information to sites. This can counter the purpose of Private Mode. It also makes you less unique, which makes you easier to track. Unless you need an extension in Private, you’re best to NOT turn on this setting.

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Thanks Ninja for your prompt and detailed response!
Much appreciated.

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