Extension Request: Type-ahead Find (text and links)

  1. Search for duping requests on the list of the requested extensions: After searching the current lists, I could not find any mentions of a type-ahead find feature.
  2. Only one extension on a topic: Check.
  3. Provide a link to the extension: _This is a built-in feature of both Firefox and Chrome, I do not believe there is an extension link available. I stand corrected: Type-ahead Find (Chrome)
  4. Provide a brief explanation of what the extension does: The extension allows the user to keep his hands on the keyboard while searching a page for relevant text and/or following hyperlinks; thereby vastly increasing speed and efficiency in getting the information desired.
  5. Provide the reason why the extension should be added: The Brave Browser is not merely about privacy, but about speed of browsing–speed of getting to the exact nugget of information desired. This extension (or built-in feature!) would be a significant improvement to Brave’s stated aims.

I only discovered the Brave Browser yesterday and am already a huge fan. Thank you for your consideration.


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