Extension Request: Tampermonkey


Please add support for Stylus or at least add Tampermonkey which would be a subsitute.

Extension Request: Stylus

Hi @link6155,

Stylish and Greasemonkey (I believe it’s same like Tampermonkey, related thread You know what would be cool? Tampermonkey) is requested and listed here:

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Yes, Stylish definitely! Thanks :slight_smile:


Just want to mention that there are some Websites with huge impact and also huge advertising potential like 4chan. Most of those People use Extensionscripts in Grease/Tampermonkey.
If you can get those People on brave you will win.


I just made an account to “bump” this one here. As soon as Stylish/TamperMonkey/Greasemonkey is implemented, i’m going to switch to brave. Thats the only thing, that is holding me back. i can’t stand those freaking “white googles”


Also a new account just to bump this thread.

My personal impression: Brave developers are getting swamped by the incoming extension requests, many of which can be easily or have already been implemented as user scripts/styles. On the other hand there have been no newly rolled out extension lately, so clearly there are not enough resources to implement all of the requests.

At its current state extensions are the single biggest hurdle on desktop imo for this very promising and otherwise quite polished browser. I hope you remove this limitation of not being able to install standard Chrome extensions or give developers the tools to port existing extensions easily. Get developers, professional or casual, to your side and you’ll get a huge boost, otherwise it’ll never make it big on desktop. I hope the Brave developers don’t take this criticism as trolling but positively.


We’re a startup. Any kind of contribution is always appreciated :slight_smile:


This is a necessary extension for me to make the switch, as others have said. I hope it comes soon!


I want to add my voice to requesting a Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey extension. There are at least two sites that I frequent where it is absolutely essential to run userscripts in order to use the site properly. So, it is really necessary for me to have a *monkey extension in order to be able to use Brave.


For Greasemonkey, please keep the discussion here:

Extension request: Greasemonkey

For Violentmonkey, please have a look at this topic:

Add ViolentMonkey to extensions list

Thanks :smile:


i’m waiting this extensions too for apply anti-adblock killer script :smiley:


Tampermonkey and Stylus would be really good to see with Brave. And the ‘care your eyes’ extension also.