Extension request: Synology Download manager / DS Download


Would love if this extension. I don’t know which one that is the right one but one of these:


https://www.download-station-extension.com/ For Chrome


There are quite a few download managers requested. Could you please have a look and tell if any of them is similar


It’s just not another download manager, it’s for the NAS Synology servers where you can just copy/insert the Magnet Link into the add-on then it will download the Torrent to the NAS server you are connected to through the add-on.




So is that like a torrent downloader If so then you can use the builtin torrent downloader.


It’s not just a torrent downloader, it’s an extension/add-on especially for Synology NAS Servers, as it says:

“An extension(client) for Synology Download Station(server). You can send links to you Synology from context menu or direct input. Watch the download progress. Clean the finished tasks. Works with magnet-links too. A Synology with Download Station is required.”


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