Extension Request: Stylus


Continuing the discussion from Stylus/Stylish/Tampermonkey Extension Request:


I would very much like to see Stylus extension added please. Its far better and safer than the the official Stylish. Stylus does not harvest user info.

And until you can add some sort of dark webpage feature, Stylus is the best option.

Please add it.


+1 Needed very much!


Stylus is a Stylish fork in which, according to it’s creators:

1.) Any and all analytics, telemetry, and data-collection have been removed completely. We’d rather not know what you’re up to.

I find it useful to make sites more readable on a wide screen by limiting character width and increasing line height.


Stylus makes the web easy on the eyes with dark mode themes on most major sites. +1 for me!


This extension is great! Please consider adding it.