Extension Request: Refind


Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/refind/dlapbpopbcangbnjdhajdlanbfokjaja

Their description: “Discover, save, and read what’s worth your attention.”

Summary: It’s basically an alternative to Pocket, but works better from a discovery perspective. They give you a “Discovery” feed that analyzes articles you may like (helped out in part by pulling in links from people you follow on Twitter), a “Save” feed, and a “Read Later” feed.

The list of the requested extensions

I added the extension to The list of the requested extensions, thanks!


Great thank you!


I do totally agree. I find Refind very useful.


Big fan of Refind and I miss it while using Brave!


I’m founder at Refind. @brave, please let me know if there’s anything we can do to bring Refind to Brave, properly.


Hi Dominik,

We’re going to be making some improvements to how Brave folks get Extensions. If you want to shoot out an email to bizdev@brave.com if you had more in mind that works too.


Hi Dominik, wanted to clarify what some of those improvements will be. Since you’re already in Chrome Web store, we’ll also have support for your extension in brave-core. Later on we’ll have a process for you to submit the Refind extension directly to the Extension Store that we’re working on.