Extension Request: Privacy Badger


Some extensions i’d liketo see supported by Brave, so I can fully use Brave as my standard browser.

Privacy Badger

(Don’t know if really necessary in Brave)

Actually why aren’t all extensions of Chrome supported in Brave.
They do share the same system I guess.

Feedly Notifier
Notifier for Twitter

The Privacy Badger is on my must have list along with Vanilla Cookie Manager.

Whitelist, blacklist and auto-expire for unlisted cookies makes it easy to support.

Extension Request: Vanilla Cookie Manager

I don’t think we will see privacy badger because Brave already has built in tracking, fingerprinting and phishing/malware protection :wink: Built in general give you bit more performance than having extensions for protection and ad-blocking :ok_hand:


If the built-in options in Brave meet or exceed what you get in Privacy Badger and Vanilla Cookie I’d be happy with not having them. But the current blocking and cookie management options fall far short.

I may be missing some things that work for you as I’m on the Linux version of Brave.


It’s the issue of the priority ie the cookie management is not overlooked but under consideration;

If you have some ideas please share them here so I will tell them to the team.


General settings as they are now. Plus the option to accept cookies but delete them ASAP = when the tab (or the browser) is closed. On top of that, overriding the general setting:

  • the ability to delete individual (and/or all) cookies whenever I want
  • the ability to keep specific cookies when the general setting is to delete them
  • Edit: and the ability to blacklist specific cookies when the general setting would be to accept it (temporarily).