Extension Request: Leoh New Tab


Please add Leoh New Tab.
go to leoh.io for it’s website.
It replaces the default tab when you create a new one with a custom one. It includes the time :clock230: , news :newspaper_roll:, cool backgrounds :rainbow:, and can even display quotes :speaking_head:! It also has bookmarking :bookmark:, note taking :spiral_notepad:, and to-do list features :spiral_notepad:.
It helps me focus, and it is very customizeable. You can change fonts :abc:, styles :o2: :o:, locations :world_map:, pictures :framed_picture:, the type of news displayed :newspaper:, RSS Feeds :signal_strength:, and you can also activate Zen Mode :leaves:.

Also, it already works with Chrome and Chromium, so less work in terms with adaptation for developers!


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